A boots thread


Aug 9, 2015
My own little Idaho
I have 3 small windows on my front door so that would be burglars can be introduced to the hounds before deciding to proceed. If they make the mistake of trying to get past the hounds they will encounter an African gray parrot who haaaaaates everybody (including me).

Got dem Thorogood's
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The safety store finally got some and the ocd voices gave the owner my number to call when they arrived.

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4 wheel drive soles.
Model 803-3239 are close to wearing lace up boots. Imagine lace up boots untied regarding how tight they fit but won't fling off when goose stepping.
Nearly a year later

Get more comfortable by the day.

I had read reviews saying by now they should be disintigrated, but the reviews were an e-store named after a river where it's a 50/50 shot you are getting the real thing or a pretty close looking knock off.

The crazy horse leather is marked up a little but so far pretty care free. I think applying Bick 4 helps repel dirt and dust. Not like wearing your favorite walking shoes yet they don't feel like big clunky boots either.

Well worth the coin.


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Oct 22, 2012
Eastern Kentucky
I been wearing work boots a long time, redwings other high dollar boots, but now I only wear Meindl comfort fit hikers, because they are the most comfortable things I ever had.