A Contest for Those So Inclined to Competition


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Sep 12, 2010
Suburban MD
Ok, I'm throwing out to all Lampaholics in good standing the "24 Hour Headlamp Challenge". Here's how you play: pick a 24 hour period. Get one of those watches that has a stopwatch function. Every time you switch on the light during your chosen time slot, hit the stopwatch start button. Every time you turn the light out, hit the stopwatch stop button. All uses of the headlamp are accepted, as long as the light is on you (e.g., on the head, davidt1 carry around the neck, handheld, etc.) or you are directly benefitting from the light (e.g., tail end stand on table reading a map). All uses must be "legitimate" (no artificially designed activities); otherwise, any use is allowed and encouraged: a caving expedition, reading The Complete Works of Shakespeare, etc. Winner will be the one with the most lamptime (it's possible to go over 24 hours if you have a need to use two lights simultaneously, each light is timed independently.) The contest will end March 20 at 10:45 PM GMT, which is the March Equinox this year.

There will be one Grand Prize awarded, a headlamp mounted on something or other, I haven't designed it yet. In case of a tie...well, that's highly unlikely, so we'll figure it out when it happens. Post your standings here in this thread, please.

Gentlemen, start your chargers!


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Sep 23, 2008
I have been going through three AA Eneloop a day using my H502w at home. A few years ago I removed the overhead light in my room due to it being in the way of the movie projector. So my H51w, H52w, and now H502w have been my light source around the house for a few years now.

Having it around my neck all the time is just too convenient not to use even if there is a light switch somewhere in another room. The only room I don't use my neck light is the garage where there is a motion sensor that automatically turns on a giant 4,250lm bulb.
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