a good solar charger for flash lights


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Mar 26, 2016
I am looking for a good solar charger for 10,000 Mah D cells specifically, and I haven't found any. The best I found takes 59 hours to charge two. I will use a pair in about 3 or 4 days. It will take longer to charge them than it will to USE them, so the math tells me no matter how many batteries I have, or chargers, sooner or later I will be out of power.

Does anyone know what the maximum charge rate that can be given to a 10,000 Mah D cell. I have toyed with getting a solar 12 volt car battery charger and putting 8 of the D cells in series and charging them that way, but considered the fact that they may charge to quickly and end up in an explosion has caused some concern.

I would rather buy something already on the market, so if anyone has had good success with existing chargers on the market that would work well also.

Thanks for your help



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Dec 20, 2012
Northern New Jersey
I can't make a specific recommendation, because I don't have any solar.

Have you looked at This discussion?

Doing the math... 10,000 mah @ 1.5 volts is 15 watts hours. For each D cell.

They should probably charge over a number of hours, let's say 4 hours, so if you got a 15 watts hour solar panel, and charged 4 cells at a time, then in 4 hours, all four will be charged. Considering that there will be some losses, and not always perfect conditions, then I imagine that six hours in the sun, should do all four cells.

How long does it take to charge your D cells when running on mains power? You should be able to duplicate that running on solar. You may need a larger solar setup than whatever it is that you were looking at.