a new use for an old Nite-ize Headband


Mar 15, 2011
this is my first thread!

so, i probably got this Nite-ize headband over 15 years ago and it was useless out of the box. i couldn't aim it down and it was too small for my head. i put it away and forgot about it.

for the last couple weeks, all of my headlamps have been out of commission while i prep them for LED upgrades. so, my hands-free lighting options have been limited to holding my iTP A1 in my mouth. i was getting tired of this, and then i remembered my old, useless Nite-ize.

drawing inspiration from the Nitecore headband and using an old Nike headband, 2 hairpins, 1 clothes pin, and the Nite-ize, i cobbled this together: (dead pic link removed)

and it actually works!

it works with my iTP A1, is comfortable to wear, is stable enough to survive a jogging test; there's no glare in my glasses (i used to have a fenix headband, but i couldn't solve the glare problem), and, best of all, i finally found a use for a formerly useless item.

*Note* i eventually converted the Niteize into a better Zebralight headband and now it's more useful than ever.
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Oct 27, 2009
Nice mod! Simple, to the point, gets the job done, not a lot to go wrong!