A Quick Word About Princeton Tec Service

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I recently purchased a Princeton Tec "Solo" headlamp, which comes with both a halogen and krypton bulb, and a spot and flood reflector. I e-mailed the company to inquire about purchasing a spare part for it, just in case, and wouldn't you know that they responded by asking for my address and telling me that they would mail me what I needed free of charge! I am in no way affiliated with this company, but I am very pleased to see an American manufacturing company with this caliber of customer service. I wish these people the success they deserve. Oh yeah, and I asked if they plan to make the little LED module available as a seperate part to upgrade incandescent headlights with (like the Matrix comes with), and they told me to be looking for them on store shelves soon.



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Aug 2, 2000
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I've had the same experience with replacement bulbs for my Blast and the ones I got for my parents. No charge. The other items I ordered at the same time they made me pay though. Excellent service from PT.

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