A simple review of the Jetbeam BA10 & BA20


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Sep 6, 2011
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I needed a very bright light when taking out a disabled old dog at night. I purchased a Jetbeam BA10 & BA20 for this task. The BA10 was not quite bright enough. However the BA20 was perfect. Other smaller brighter lights use exotic expensive batteries. Sonyo AA Eneloops did fine in the BA20. The dog was partially paralyzed. My wife and I worked together taking the dog out. A two person job. That is why we needed the extra lumens of the BA20. Head lamps were just not bright enough.

We used the BA20 in rain, sleet, and snow. It performed flawlessly. The light had a couple of 4 foot falls onto a kitchen floor, sidewalk, and lawn. No problem. The switch has a robust feel and works every time. It is a well made product. It was used everyday for 10 months. If you need a better flashlight than the big box stores sell, the BA20 is to be considered.

I have been using the BA10 as a bedside flashlight. It has a very pleasing beam pattern on both low and high settings. The low setting is great for walking around the house in the dark. I could not believe how much light it can produce on high. I am old enough to remember when a two D flashlight was high tech. The machining is very good. The anodizing is very tough. Now the switch is the Achilles heel of the BA10. Sometimes when I click it the flashlight does not turn on. The momentary on/off feature of the of the switch also fails at times. I have learned these are common problem of the BA10. Since the light is not used in life and death situations. I can live with the problem. If it fails completely before the warranty expires I will have it repaired. Aside from the switch it is a very good flashlight.

I recommend the BA20 100%. It is exceptional flashlight for the price but not cutting edge. Because of the switch being weak on the BA10. I suggest the Nitecore MT1A. I own one and use it. It has a robust switch but not momentary On/OFF in low mode. Many more features including S.O.S., strobe, low/med/high/turbo output. A lower low setting than the BA10. BA10 low is 12 lumens. MT1A low is 5 lumens. Does not bother my wife as much at night.:)


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Feb 2, 2012
Miami, Florida
I picked up a BA-20 back in Feb/March, along with the very similar Klarus P2A and like them both. I wanted simple AA lights and I didn't really mind only the two modes--low/high. Run times on high are close to 2 hours, with new Eneloop 1500s, before they both step down.

I think I paid $40 shipped for the JB and $35 shipped for the Klarus, or vice versa.

For thowing into a BOB, they both fit the bill for emergency lighting and they'll run on NiMH, Energizer Lithiums, or standard AAs, so those are fairly ubiquitous.

Both lights are well constructed--almost as if they came out of the same factory and they're slim enough to clip into a pocket and not think that you have a piece of pipe in there.

Tints are similar, with a coolish light blue, but that's fine and dandy.

I would say that both switches are a tad on the softer side, when compared to some of my other lights, but hopefully they're both well made and last. Both lights came with clips and lanyards.