AAA Batteries for DECT phone question again


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Aug 24, 2006
Northwest Illinois
I have searched older threads but they are getting dated and may not reflect the latest offerings.

Background; Just got a Panasonic DECT 6.0 phone system to replace my old, on last legs, Uniden. The recommended battery per the manual (AAA Nimh) is a Panasonic HHR-4DPA 700 Mah. The batteries included with the phone are (Cheapie?) chinese CORUN 350 mah blue AAAcells. I want better batteries than those included. Looking at Eneloops and see that some say use Eneloop Lites and others regular Eneloops. Lites are not available unless from a European seller while I have some new Eneloop AAA BK-4MCCA (750-800 Mah) cells and the package shows DECT phones as an application. It would seem like standard Eneloop AAA's at 750Mah and Panasonic HHR-4DPA's at 700 Mah are pretty close in spec. I also wonder why Panasonic includes cheapie CORUNs when thay make some great batteries themselves.

In full disclosure, We do tend to leave our phone on the cradle when not in use.

What say you; Use the CORUN's included with the Phone from Panasonic? Use the Eneloop AAA's I have and don't worry about it? Or, get some Eneloop lite's from Europe or some Panasonic standard AAA HHR-4DPA cells.

Thank You


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Feb 19, 2017
If you leave the phone in the charging cradle most of the time, use the batteries that came with it.
If they are boiled to death in it over time, then the loss is not so great. You then have an indication of the durability of this use.