AAA flashlight: better replacement for ITP A3 EOS?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jul 6, 2009
I carry the Ti3 as my backup and am very pleased with it. It's robust, has my preferred mode ordering (L-M-H), and is less than a third the price of the Maratac. That said, if the Maratac offers something that you really want and can't find in a sub-$20 light like the Ti3, then perhaps you'd be happier with the Maratac.

I understand that lots of folks prefer M-L-H mode ordering because, at least for them, Medium is usually what they want. But if I need a medium amount of light, I will almost always reach for my primary light. I most often reach for my Ti3 when my primary light is too bright for my current need. As such, Low is my most used level on the Ti3, especially late at night when starting on Medium would blast my dark-adapted eyes.

When I'm looking for gift lights, I will get M-L-H mode ordering because I assume that the light I give them will be the only light they have on them, so starting on Medium makes a lot of sense.

Consider your habits and decide which behavior makes the most sense for you.

Hope you get something you love!