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AAA Giveaway

Oct 26, 2009
Columbus, Ohio

Hi folks. I have an older, single-cell AAA twisty light that has a damaged control circuit. The body of the light is in excellent condition; it's made of well-machined aluminum, with fine knurling, smooth enough to easily slide into a pocket, but grippy enough to maintain a solid grip on the light

I can't remember the maker's name, and there is no branding. It's very well made, and if you're into modding, the light will make an excellent host. The original emitter is an XP-E, which should give you some insight as to its vintage.

I'm offering the light without cost, but I must ask that whoever wants it pay the postage. I estimate shipping within the U.S. to be around $5. International destinations will likely be more; contact me via private message with a shipping address so I can send you an estimate. Postage reimbursement via PayPal.

See the attached images to view the light. Finally, if anyone can identify the maker, please let the community know.

Thanks. I hope the light finds a deserving home, with someone who can give it a new life.


Feb 10, 2004
Old Dominion, USA
That's a old Kaidomain (KD) Buckle AAA twisty. It was a contemporary of the Fenix E01 from 10-15 yrs ago,

It's no longer listed on KD but here's a cut&paste from an old listing on AliE.

Product Specification:

1. Product Specification

Lens Material:Double-Side AR Coated lens
Emittor Type:RT XR-E Q5
Reflector:SMO Aluminum
Drop-in LED Circuit:Constant Boosted and Current Regulated
Springs:Steel Gold Coated
Modes:Single Mode
Swith Type:Twisty
Finish Type:Type III harden anodization in black
Configuration Material:Aluminum
Lumen/Runtime:70 Lumens/80 minutes(AAA NIMH),
60 minutes(AAA Alkaline)

2. Dimensions
Length (7.75cm): Weight (28.5g) Head Diameter: (1.65cm)

3. Regulations

Battery Type:1AAA Alkaline/GP/Rechargeable Cell/1.7V Lithium (10400 directdrives the LED)
Voltage input range (0.8V~3.2V)
Voltage & Current (DC Power Supply)
1.2V~1.6A 1.5V~1.0A (best option) 3.0V~0.37A

4.Pack Including
Bubble/plastic Package:Yes
Accessories& Holsters:One extra O-ring, buckle
Gift Box:No

5.KD Suggestions
This is the V6 of the Tough Buckle Light series, it adds HAIII finish and revised body style.