Acebeam EC50 Gen II (XHP70, 1x26650, Micro USB charging) Rechargeable Review

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Jun 16, 2010
South Korea
Thank you very much for this excellent review! :thumbsup:
Especially those images of you actually holding the light - no amount of listed dimensions can create an accurate visualization on how something would be to personally hold and/or use.

I have been wanting something...more than my current Fenix PD35 (non-tac) EDC, and after reading this one and this:

...I recently deciding on buying one of these (5000K version).

I desired something more powerful at the top-end than the 960 Lm the PD35 provided, and at the exact same dimensions (though 50% thicker)
and ~3x the power, I was sold on this.

I haven't received it yet, as it's in the mail, but every time I re-read these reviews to remind myself of its specs and features,
I give a slight nod to myself and think "Yes, I've made the right choice."

One question though: Would the included 5000 mAh battery be considered enough, or would a Keeppower ICR26650 5200mAh be
recommended either as a spare (I love redundancy/backups - in all things - for total peace of mind) or replacement?

Thanks for your support. Wish you would be happy with the light.

I think the bundled 5000mAh cell is great, and the Keeppower 5200mAh would be a good option as a spare as well. is a excellent test review by HKJ.


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Oct 8, 2010
Well, has a Labor Day sale....20% off everything, with Free Shipping (over $25, or something like that). The code is: aa4laborday2017

I caved in and bought the one I had at the top of my list, between the Klarus G20, Olight R50 Pro, and the Acebeam EC50 Gen ll. Got the Acebeam for $119 - $24, or $95 delivered :thumbsup:

The light is awesome....nice build, Very Bright, and FLOODY! Perfect for walking, riding, garage, backyard, and emergency/vehicle breakdowns.

Smaller than I imagined, easily pocketable to me. This will live in my truck and motorcycle....where it can also be recharged via USB easily in emergency. Makes my 4Sevens AA Quark feel like a penlight, lol.