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ca pow

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Oct 9, 2007
Just received the Acebeam H60 full spectrum headlamp. I love the light, nicely made, but am at a loss of how to switch between the two emitters, the instructions don’t make sense, and a YouTube review demonstrating how to switch between the emitters does not work, after playing with it for a half hour I did manage to switch, unfortunately I can’t replicate. I was hoping someone may explain the sequence of clicking needed to easily switch between modes.

I think I figured out the sequence, click once then quickly click and hold, it’s a new move for me, it will take some getting used to. By the way, I love the flood full spectrum emitter for use around the house. The beam is large, soft edged, with super even light, absolutely no hot spot. When the other emitter is on, the light becomes a thrower, with a small beam pattern, and when the two emitters are used together the throw beam is a very strong hot spot centered in the flood, which is a bit of an annoyance while indoors. Really wished they made the switching between emitters very easy.
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