Acebeam K30 1* CREE XHP70.2 LED 5200lm Flashlight Global Testing Campaign


Apr 1, 2015
The new CREE XHP70.2 LED emitter will deliver into new Acebeam K30 flashlight, In order to make the flashaholics to experience Acebeam new model, we are now collecting Acebeam K30 Global Testing Campaign. Look forward to your participation and support!

Acebeam K30 Description:


* One new CREE XHP70.2 LED, Max output 5200lm
* 120mm(length)x 48mm(head diameter)x 44mm(tube diameter)
* Power by 3pcs 18650 battery
* UI by one switch

Declaration of the campaign

Time of application: 3rd August 2017~ 18th August 2017

Form of application: send email to [email protected], introduce yourself including experience on reviews, which flashlight modes you reviewed before.

Requirements for the applicant: Individuals who can post their testing reports on more than one internet media or other relevant, such as website, blog, forums of flashlight, outdoor, photography, magazines and newspaper etc.;

The contents much include: Description and your personal feeling of the product; Images and video of the products, including appearance.

Report publicize effective time: Participants should publicize the report within 25days after receiving the K30, and send the related link to [email protected] .

Notice: 1. Acebeam will contact and select participants by sending emails within 24hrs, if no replies received without 48hrs means we are still in considering your status.
2. Acebeam have the ownership to use/forward the report including works, images, videos,etc.
3. Acebeam reserves the right of interpretation of this testing campaign.


Acebeam K30 tester list, we are already sent to following flashaholics and now to announce theirs id/email, congratulate!

1. mhanlen
2. gopajti
3. co**[email protected]
4. aa098***[email protected]
5. berez***[email protected]
6. chr1sth***[email protected]
8. fede***[email protected]
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Jun 25, 2004
Middlesex, UK
My K30 arrived yesterday. Overall, I'm very pleased with it and the output on Super-Turbo mode (5200 lumens) is amazing considering the size of the light and the fact that all that output comes from only one emitter.

I deliberately chose this light over the L30 because it can tailstand. The usefulness of having a Firefly mode that outputs 2 lumens for 110 hours is made much more relevant by being able to tailstand this light very securely on its nice, fat, flat base!!

The only minor disappointment for me is not being able to access Super Turbo mode with an easy shortcut. It requires 2 double-clicks with a pause between them from off to reach it. This isn't a big issue but more immediate access would have been nicer in my opinion.
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Jan 5, 2008
Boden, Sweden
Almost too late I got this light at a sale. What first caught my attention was the color option "sand". Nice to have something different than black. I chose 5000K tint. The UI with direct access to firefly and turbo is good, and even better that these are not memorised, which is very disturbing with same other lights I have.

First test: Wide and nice beam with large hotspot. And this thing is BRIGHT. It was just one thing which was strange: while the regular modes in the description are three my sample has four, and all are included in the memory. Actually I first perceived that the high mode of 1350lm was VERY bright. Not to talk about turbo...I didn't try to put in turbo max because I have not high drain cells. Then I did a ceiling bounce test with the lightmeter. The test shows that my sample has turbo included in the regular modes, and that turbo max is achieved by a double click, not two. I don't know what the output was by double click but it's definitely above 3200lm. When I double clicked, the small indication lamp lit red, but with all the other modes it was green.

My sample consequently has a slight deviation from the normal interface. This is not necessarily a problem. But I would like that the high mode was the highest memorised level, so I don't mistake turbo for high, which is possible because the eyes can't always determine a brightness difference less than two times. And cycling through the modes in order to control that I didn't by mistake have put in turbo when I want high is annoying. Well; the light is very nice and I like it, but this was a slight drawback.
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