Acebeam New Product Announcement-X70 60000lm


Apr 1, 2015

Describing Acebeam's new X70 as "bright" is like saying a hurricane is "windy". Delivering an unprecedented 60,000 lumens focused into a 1,115 metre beam, the X70 represents a new benchmark in portable lighting. Darkness stands no chance against anyone armed with this flashlight, which is uniquely suited to search-and-rescue, military and marine operations, forestry and game-park management, and much more.

Taming this tsunami of light for reliable use in harsh environments wasn't easy, but Acebeam's engineers have truly earned their reputation for balancing innovation with practicality. All those lumens are served up by a Cree XHP35 High Intensity chip supported by twelve Cree XHP70.2 emitters, focused into an epic beam to brilliantly illuminate subjects as far as you can see.



The heat from the LEDs is dissipated by a centrifugal fan built into the carrying handle and powered by a separate rechargeable battery, allowing the X70 to sustain peak output for 55 seconds and 18,000 lumens for 50 minutes – run-times which are simply not possible without active cooling. Power is supplied by a rechargeable battery pack with eight Sony VTC6 18650 lithium ion batteries which can be rapid-charged from both 110/220v AC and 12v DC sources.

All this technology is wrapped up in a waterproof aerospace-grade aluminium body, finished with military-spec anodising, while the handle and shoulder strap allow for easy portability and the single-button user interface makes one-handed access to all modes simple and intuitive. A five-year limited warranty provides peace of mind to both professionals and enthusiasts.

Acebeam's new X70 is perfect for anyone who has work to do in the great outdoors, regardless of the weather or time of day.



Newly Enlightened
May 28, 2015
Wow flashlight Acebeam

18000 lumens for 50 minutes is awesome

and nice innovation on that handle as fan also


Newly Enlightened
Feb 3, 2009
I have an X70 coming to me later this week. Where can I buy an extra fandle or battery pack/handle? Having spares that can double my time between charges if needed would be a nice option to have.

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