Acebeam new TK17 EDC flashlight now presenting


Apr 1, 2015

Acebeam new EDC flashlight TK17 now is ready


* Tail switch for UI operation,
* POWER and ECO modes control,
* 3 LED versions meet your different application scenarios,
3 x SAMSUNG LH351D LED output 2,300 lumens;
3 x OSRAM KW CSLNM1.TG LED throw 290 meters;
3 x Nichia 219C LED CRI>90 color rendering;
* 82.8mm(Length) x 25.4mm(Head Dia.) x 21mm(Tube Dia.),
* Power by 1 x Acebeam customized USB port 1100mAh 18350 battery,
* Limited edition titanium material is coming soon.


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Dec 10, 2017
I received my TK17 219C version. It looks much nicer in person than I thought though it is a little long for an 18350 when compared to the Thrunite T1. I saw some pics online of another Acebeam light with 219C and the tint appeared very rosy so I thought they got a better batch. My EC65 with 219C was very greenish. I took some measurements of the TK17 219C version:Highest Mode:

Output: 1580 lumens (measured at 2s)
CCT: 5118K
DUV: 0.0036
Ra (CRI): 92.6
R9: 68.1
R12: 71.1
Rf: 89
Rg: 92.6

2nd Lowest Mode
Output: 67 lumens (measured at 2s)
CCT: 5107K
DUV: 0.0032
Ra (CRI): 94.1
R9: 79
R12: 67.8
Rf: 88
Rg: 97

As you can see the positive DUV puts the tint on the green side and I’m not a fan of the tint at all. However, I’m surprised the real output meets Acebeam’s rating of 1400 lumens. Especially considering most of my Acebeams measured lower than Acebeam’s output specs, which includes my TK16 and TK18.
What really bothers me with this light is that strobe is built-in to the main modes so you have to keep going through the strobe before you can cycle back down to low.
Acebeam what the hell are your engineers thinking????!! Was the UI on this designed by an intern? After owning so many well designed Acebeam lights, I thought they would only get better. I’m shocked Acebeam decided to copy those $1.99 flashlights with strobe built-in to the main mode on their latest TK17.

I do not recommend the TK17 unless you do find it annoying having to frequently see strobe while changing brightness modes. Acebeam should learn that strobe should always be hidden from the main modes.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Mar 18, 2006
Anaheim, CA.
I have the Acebeam EC65, but I want something with the looks of this TK17 in a larger size.
Acebeam has been slacking off on their designs, and cutting edge technology.
I have been looking into different brands just because Acebeam is not what they use to be in the past.
The Acebeam EC65 is quad optics, 21700, and USB-C charging. Though they don't have a copper version.


Dec 10, 2017
Well Acebeam is no Olight for sure in terms of quality and refinement. However Acebeam does innovate and push boundaries and was on a roll recently with the TK75, W30, W10G2, TK16, and TK18. I bought all of these and very impressed with them. It's just the TK17 UI that is a total let down.