Acebeam new triple LEDs rechargeable H50 headlamp


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Apr 1, 2015

Acebeam H50 is lightweight headlamp with triple LEDs juxtaposed and TIR optical lens,which provides max 125°beam angle to illuminate everything in the user's field of vision, perfect choice for late night work or exploration;


available 3 LED versions for different usages, 3 x Samsung LED output max 2000 lumens, 3 x Nichia LED bring CRI≥90 and 3 x Osram LED throw 209 meters;


Also, H50 features 3 of the selected LED and can be toggled between Triple-On, Two-Side-On and Middle-On.


Lastly, H50 is USB-C rechargeable which can quickly charge a 18650 battery right inside the light.


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Lou Minescence

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Mar 12, 2011
New England US
I purchased the H50 Nichia version a couple days ago. I bought it because it was different from most headlights I own with 3 LED's. The build quality seems to be excellent including the headband. The headband is flashy with ACEBEAM written all around it. There are 3 reflective markings on the headband so you can be visible. There is a silicone bead on the inside of the headband that works well keeping the headlamp still on your head. I prefer the camo green non reflective Zebralight headband. The H50 light can not be swapped over to a Zebralight headband because of the spacing of the rubber holder loops. 47mm spaced loops on Acebeam and 31 on Zebralight H600. So a headband change would require using the original H50 rubber holder.
All three LED's of the H50 seem to be focused on the same hot spot. Switching between LED's gives noticeable brightness spacing change but not as much change in the flood area as I expected. The H50 is very nice walking light with a pleasant useful wide beam. There is a mechanical lock out possible by loosening the battery cap. I like the color of the Nichia LED's and find it was a good choice. I haven't had the light long enough to know if there is a parasitic battery drain but I expect there would not be one.