Acebeam TK16 Copper Max 1800lm EDC Flashlight Global Testing Campaign


Apr 1, 2015

Acebeam TK16 Copper Max 1800lm EDC Flashlight Global Testing Campaign

The ACEBEAM TK16 copper limited edition is specially-designed for EDC enthusiasts, In order to make the flashaholics to experience Acebeam new model, the new round of TK16 Global Testing Campaign is coming. Look forward to your participation and support!


Acebeam TK16 Features:

* Red copper alloy as body material;
* Available in 3 different LED options:​
3 x CREE XPG 3;
3 x OSRAM ;
3 x LUMINUS SST-20 CRI95;​
* TIR optics lens enhance the illuminance on target for directional LED emitter;
* Powered by 1 x RCR123(16340) 550mAh battery(included) or CR123A;
* Lock function effectively to protect the inadvertently ON;
* POWER and ECO mode when using RCR123 battery;
* Low battery warning function reminder battery status;​

Declaration of the campaign

Time of application: 28th April 2019~ 10th May 2019

Form of application: send email to [email protected], introduce yourself including experience on reviews, which flashlight modes you reviewed before.

Requirements for the applicant: Individuals who can post their testing reports on more than one internet media or other relevant, such as website, blog, forums of flashlight, outdoor, photography, magazines and newspaper etc.;

The contents much include: Description and your personal feeling of the product; Images and video of the products, including appearance.

Report publicize effective time: Participants should publicize the report within 25days after receiving the TK16, and send the related link to [email protected] .

Notice: 1. Acebeam will contact and select participants by sending emails within 24hrs, if no replies received without 48hrs means we are still in considering your status.
2. Acebeam have the ownership to use/forward the report including works, images, videos,etc.
3. Acebeam reserves the right of interpretation of this testing campaign.


Dec 10, 2017
Here are measurements I took of the different Acebeam TK series flashlights using the Texas Ace lumen tube calibrated with Maukka lights measured at 2 seconds. I love this series but not so much the emitter options. The Osram is actually my favorite tint in this series even though I'm not a CW fan because the negative DUV in the Osram makes it look pure white. I just wish they offer some below the BBL (negative DUV) NW tint in the future.

Acebeam TK16 OsramTurbo1,190 lumensincluded battery
Acebeam TK16 XPG3Turbo1,586 lumens9025K-0.0090 DUV74.3 CRI13.2 R945.2 R1265 Rf99 Rgincluded battery
Acebeam TK17 NichiaHighest1,580 lumens5118K0.0036 DUV92.6 CRI68.1 R971.1 R1289 Rf93 Rgincluded battery
Acebeam TK17 Nichia2nd lowest67 lumens5107K0.0032 DUV94.1 CRI79.0 R967.8 R1288 Rf97 Rgincluded battery
Acebeam TK18 Copper OsramEco Mode Turbo697 lumens6542K-0.0003 DUV66.5 CRI-26.4 R938.6 R1260 Rf97 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 Copper OsramPower Mode Turbo1,750 lumens6998K-0.0036 DUV67.8 CRI-16.1 R941.1 R1260 Rf98 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 Copper OsramPower Mode Lowest60 lumens5973K0.0048 DUV67.0 CRI-35.9 R935.6 R1263 Rf96 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 Copper OsramPower Mode High691 lumens6461K-0.0004 DUV66.8 CRI-25.7 R938.7 R1261 Rf97 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 LH351DPower Mode Turbo2,793 lumens6557K0.0023 DUV73.1 CRI-27.9 R951.0 R1270 Rf96 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 219CPower Mode Turbo1621 lumens5391K-0.0010 DUV95.2 CRI85.5 R972.7 R1290 Rf99 RgVapcell VTC5D
Acebeam TK18 219CPower Mode High656 lumens5337K-0.0005 DUV95.4 CRI88.0 R970.4 R1289 Rf99 RgVapcell VTC5D
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