Automotive Adaptive headlights approved for the US!


Newly Enlightened
Sep 15, 2011
Yeah, like this dude did, 'way back in 2017. Call me skeptical, but I think he might not have been telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth when he says he undid the modification and put it back to the standard USA-spec configuration.

Ok, this guy's M2 is a 2017 model, which has HID headlights, so it's adaptive features are completely different than 2018+ M2s, which come with LED headlights capable of variable high beam distribution. His adaptive capacity is limited to swiveling the projector to aim the whole beam, and he programmed it to the Euro spec, which makes negligible difference. A lot of the stuff he is writing about only applies to the adaptive LEDs, so he clearly has no idea what he's doing.