advice needed, buying AA torch



ive got a 6D maglite with a terralux tle-300m drop in. it has a decent throw, but it burns through batteries after a matter of a few hours, and isnt good for camping unless trekking through the woods for short periods.

i need something smaller that can sustain a candle like light for hours, or even days e.g. to read books at night.

i need something that is AA ( preferably AA because i have lots of those batteries), but if theres something that is AAA and awesome, could possibly do.

dont mind if it takes 1 or 2 AA batteries, but would probably prefer if it took 2. its not too important

also, high power isnt as much of a priority as budget, really dont want to go over 30$,

tl;dr I need an AA torch that is relatively cheap and can stay lit for a LONG time.

thanks in advance. ive searched for threads like this but couldnt find any. everyone seems to want mini hand cannons.