Aleph - XM-L LE / reflector Compatibility


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Jan 10, 2007
Heres a VERY simple mod that I had time to do friday.

It started out as a custom LUX III Aleph light engine that I recieved from Toby :)thumbsup:) as part of a large purchase of LE's.

The old LUX III was removed, as was the driver and the heatsink surface needed to be cleaned up with a file.

The XM-L was from a group buy over in the marketplace (Thanks again Craig!:wave:)and is mounted on a round 14mm board. The board needed a slight filing (more so) than the heatsink to bring it down to proper focus height. There is a tiny screw on the inside of the LE for ground and an old burnt out driver was used as the positive contact point.

The wire will be replaced as soon as I can find the nice stuff I misplaced during my move.:ironic: As you can see in the picture, the wire used was not great, but I just HAD to go ahead and use it since I was so close!:duh2:




On a freshly charged AW IMR 16430, it's a real pocket rocket! It does get hot pretty quickly. (No TC reading available since my DMM is messed up right now:mad:)

So far it has been paired with an Aleph 2 (McR20s), and Aleph III (McR38) with excellent results! The McR20s has a real nice punchy flood with a large hot-spot and the McR38 produces a nice even beam with a nicely focused and VERY THROWY hot spot.:naughty: The throw of the Aleph III/ XM-L is actually pretty impressive (to me anyway).

Seeing how well the XM-L throws with the McR38, has me excited to do a DD XM-L tower module for the Surefire KT-1/2 2.5 Turboheads!:eek:oo: Hopefully it will focus correctly and give me a real thrower!! Ill finally have a use for that beautiful Leef M head/ C tail 1x18650 body!

This is on my list of things to do for today or tomorrow AFTER I get a bunch more done in the garage clean-up after the recent move.

My 007 was also modified with an XM-L and the results are great! The McR18s also seems to work great with it and no modification to the reflector. The McR20s McR38 were also not modified in any way.


As I am able to get more time and try other McR type reflectors, I will post the results here to help others find what works and what doesn't.

Others are encouraged to add to this thread your findings on what XM-L / reflector combos seem to work well.:thumbsup:

McR20s / XM-L

McR38 / XM-L

McR18s / XM-L

I'll try to get pictures up as soon as possible of the light engine and will do my best to get beamshots, although it will be MUCH more difficult since I live in the middle of a brightly lit city.:sick2:

Looking forward to a great 2011! :party::wave: