Sold/Expired ALL SOLD Malkoff, HDS, Peak LED Logans. PRICE DROPS


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Oct 4, 2006
All prices include US shipping. PM me about international shipping.

I will consider trades for an HDS 123a clicky tube, HDS xpg hicri 120 or 140, and First Light USA products. I will also consider a trade for an Elzetta Alpha.

1. Malkoff Hound Dog: like new catch and release. I think it is a V3. Board by the led is Silver. Comes with the MD4 body. I don’t see a mark on it. It’s the cool version. I’d like $88 shipped. I want to get my money back on this one. SOLD

2. HDS 17670 Clicky Tube: It has acme threads and a flush tail cap. It looks new. No marks that I can see. It will work with a 16650 cell. It is compatible with new HDs lights. My understanding is that this is one of a kind. I’d like $95 shipped and will throw in a 16650 cell. TRADED

3. HDS Clicky 18650 tube: This is a newer tube and has one scrape on the tail from rubbing a counter top. Comes with what I think is a Prometheus clip and an HDS 18650 cell. I’d like $125 shipped. Clip has some wear on it, but isn’t bad. SOLD.

4. A pair of peak led Logan’s: One aluminum cool white fixed level #2 key chain body user. It works fine, but is a user. Also included is a like new 17500 Logan stainless steel hicri around 3000k. This has the qtc in it and comes with the battery adapter kit and momentary switch. Both come with zebralight pocket clips. If I have a spare clip I’ll throw it in. I’d like $108 shipped. Tint is beautiful on the hicri version. Qtc UI isn’t for me. I’d prefer a fixed level version. $95 shipped for the pair. $90 shipped for the SS Logan and $25 shipped for the HA Logan.


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peter yetman

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Mar 23, 2014
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Re: Malkoff, HDS, Peak LED Logans

If anyone wants the HD head but not the tube give me a shout, I've been looking for an MD4 for a while.

thermal guy

Jan 28, 2007
Re: Malkoff, HDS, Peak LED Logans

Fantastic deal on that hound dog! Congrats to all.