Aloha from Hawaii


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Dec 25, 2012
John here from Mililani, Hawaii (suburb of Honolulu). I've been fascinated with flashlights since I was a kid. One of my first flashlights were a 6-cell eveready with a stainless steel body that I used for camping. This was back in 1980 before Maglites were introduced. But my favorite when I was a kid was a Duracell Durabeam that uses a 9-volt battery. Flashlight bug came out when I started working for the Fire Department back in '97. Every co-worker had a Surefire 8x flashlight that was really bright for a small flashlight. Then it just snowballed from there. The brands that I have were mainly SureFire, Streamlight, and LED Lenser. Now after joining CPF, I discovered there were a lot more brands than I ever knew. The lights that I have were just the tip of the iceberg. LOL Just this month alone I got the Nitecore EA4 and EC25, Olight S10 Baton, 2- JetBeam PA10's. In the mail I got the Thrunite 1A, Nitecore TM15 and P25 Smilodon coming in. Maybe next month I'll get a Eagletac G25C2 and TX25C2, Zebralight SC600 and H600.

I just want to thank CPF for opening the floodgates of all these new lights that I never heard before. Now I just became a True Junkie of Flashlights.



Newly Enlightened
Jul 25, 2012
Hi John,
Welcome to the forum Nice to meet you mate, Stay active and have a very good conversations with the members