Aloha from Kansas


Newly Enlightened
Feb 8, 2018
Long time lurker here. Finally joined. I've been into flashlights since forever, and I have learned a lot from these forums.

Currently, I only have a ZL SC52w L2, a Malkoff MDC, and a Paklite. I'm planning on buying a new ZL soon.

I work as a prototype technician, and I've built a few trailer lights using paraboloid reflectors using Osram SMD leds from Mouser. Nothing too hot, just 95 lumen, 3200K, 80 CRI running at 12vdc throuth 100 ohm resistors. My goal was to simulate as closely as possible an incandescent bulb. I printed the reflector body out of ABS and used mylar from pop-tarts wrappers for the reflector.

Glad to be here and thanks.