Aluminum Reflectors: Has anybody done Carley Retrofits?


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Mar 27, 2002
San Diego
Many threads have discussed Carley Xenon Star and Krypton Star replacement PR bulbs, typically for Mag applications.

I haven't yet found a thread where a flashholic searched for highly heat resistant reflectors for his/her mod.

Carley also makes a number of machined aluminum reflectors, both colimators and elliptical (refocusing). Some of these are made from solid aluminum cylindrical rods where the entire OD remains in place for the reflector.

Has anyone here ever purchased Carley reflectors and built mods with them. I'd love to learn from you.

See comments in the thread relating to "Double Barrel 8AA -- Now What?" if you're interested in seeing my thoughts about upgrading DB 8AA's to be more heat resistant for higher wattage bulbs.