Am I crazy: frosted lens makes everything look flat

Jeff S.

Newly Enlightened
Sep 29, 2005
Just curious if anybody else feels this way, or if there’s even a word for it. Do you think a frosted lens make everything look sort of flat?

I like a variety of beam shapes, depending on what I’m using the light for….

And I really like diffuse beams, but only if it’s diffuse by the nature of the reflector. I’ve come to the strong conclusion that I do not like frosted lenses (either frosted by the factory or by a temporary piece of tape slapped on by me), nor do I like mule lights. I think a frosted beam washes everything out. I think a narrow beam with a frosted lens washes out more than a diffuse reflector with a clear lens.


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 31, 2002
When running on difficult trail, with headlamp on lower level, I notice that big rocks (say, up to ankle/knee size) often look as if they are a flat tile.
Think that is a combination of too low of a light + no shadow.
(When light is at hip height there are shadows --> no more "flats", but rocks)

Is it possible the frosting just steals so much light output, that the remaining does something similar?