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Jun 8, 2008
New England woods.
Adventure can come at any time and if you make the time it could be NOW! I don't need a weekend. I don't need a sunny day or even good weather. All I need is the will to get out there. In this case we are starting from the driveway.

I just ate diner so heading out. The temps are in the 50's with rain. My rain gear is "suck it up" which is very effective in dealing with all kinds of weather.

I am not going to use the headlamp as it can glare too much in the fog and rain so took out the flashlight and left the headlamp in the pack.

If I don't stop will I get a ticket at 5 mpr? Not sure but keeping an eye out for cars is a good idea.

Not in the woods but plenty of trees.

Sand leftover from winter on the street is a serious traction risk.

Cover enough street odds are you will see some kinda spectacle.

Another risk. When on the trail I expect rocks etc etc etc but somehow the unexpected nature of the street can be more problematic at times. Another reason to pay attention.

Still raining.

All done.

Tonight I could have stayed in as had plenty of really good excuses but had an adventure instead. That said kit can make the difference between being road kill or talking about it later on the internet. So you want to night run on the street but hate dying. Tools of the dubious trade. I want to see and be seen. Yellow reflective vest, reflective patches swinging behind the pack.

Showing the reflective nature.

Surefire G2 with M61NLL and Armytek Tiara Pro headlamp.

Have fun and be safe out there!


Aug 14, 2015
Excellent post as always WW.

Lately I've been loving these 50 degree rainy days as we've had about 4 days in a row like that. Breaks up the monotony and can be fun sometimes.

Latest peice of rain gear for me was a TNF Venture rain jacket - excellent for staying dry in mild to warmer wet days. Repels precipitation like Rain-X.

Kept me dry when my young son grabbed a few of my lights and wanted to go looking for frogs by the creek. [emoji106]


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 9, 2015
WW, you remind me of the adventurous spirit of several famous Hobbits.