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Dec 17, 2003
western Massachusetts
Not that I have a lot of time for "spec" builds, but occasionally I find a material, or design, that just calls out to me and I want to make a light, on my own terms, i.e., not a custom build for a customer.

So, I'd like to create an Opt-In mail list for those folks who would like to be notified when I have something that I've made, and that is available for sale, rather than already spoken for by a customer.

If you'd like to be on that mailing list, please send me an e-mail at: fred (at), with a note that you wish to be on the Opt-In for Spec Builds Mailing List.

Note that these builds won't occur very often, as I really don't have much spare time to make them. To be honest, I usually end up taking the time away from my custom orders--but at least it keeps me interested in new things.

I hope to be offering up a spec built Ti AA Light in the next day, or two.
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