Another newbie's canister questions


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Feb 11, 2019
Hi, thanks for letting me in.. :) I've enjoyed some great reading in here now and then, but time for a question.

I'm working on making a canister for a heat vest, to have the batteries outside for safety.
As I only have access to a milling station, not a lathe, I'm going for 50mm PVC pipes, glued end caps.
When charging through the cable, it shouldn't be necessary to be able to open the cannister - OR?
Do I need to be able to let gasses out during charging?

Any good sources for over-pressure valves - maybe manual ones?

Lots of balancing/protection boards are cheap and available, cable glands are generally available, but my real issue here is that I'll need a connector.

The way I see the e/o connector described as a cheap but lousy connector, it feels hard to have to pay 50euro + shipping or 50USD+taxes+shipping x2 (one cable from canister to cable entry and one for the battery charger.
Are E/O cables only available at such a high price? Can I get a cheaper one for the charger cable, as it'll not get wet?
Thanks for your help!

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