Another use for a surefire


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Apr 15, 2001
If you're one of the people who still own a good old fashioned analog watch with luminous "glow in the dark" hands (I mean the regular ones, not the old radium based ones or one of the rare tritium based ones), a Surefire light can greatly aid that function. In my case I own a Seiko with "lumnibrite" luminous hands. In normal circumstances, I tend to spend my last few waking hours in reduced lighting situations like many of us. When I turn out the lights, I can still see the watch hands but it is quite dim and if I wake up in the middle of the night a few hours later, it's really hard to see them at all. Well just for fun, I tried shining a surefire (in my case a 8AX) light straight up against the watch face for just a few seconds before turning out the lights. Well after doing so, the watch hands lit up like a Christmas tree. Several hours later, they are still visible. I have not experimented yet to see what the optimal exposure to surefire light time is needed to provide the longest watch hand illumination, but try it for yourself some time and see what I mean.

I guess I don't have too much to do these days!


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Jun 9, 2001
LOL! That is too funny!

Then again, maybe I need something to do, too, since I've been doing that to all of my older alarms with old 'glow-in-the-dark' arms...!

Hehehe... yes, the SureFire will definitely do the job... (I usually leave my Eternalight on it =)

Too funny.


Aug 29, 2000
Kettering, England
One of the guy on my Geology Course at University has this great watch that after you held it under a light for a short time glowed for hours (it always glowed in the dark on fieldtrips)

While we were in SE Spain, the place we stayed in had no mains as it was about as close to the middle of nowhere as you could get, so dark was black.
I put 12PM right up to his watch, and buzzed it for about 10 seconds. His watch glowed so brightly every one in the room could see his face as he looked at it. He couldn't sleep with it on as it distracted him too much. He could read by it in complete darkness.

Impressive watch. I charge up my watch with the M6 each night before I turn out the lights. It doesn't last 'til morning though

SureFires also charged up the glow bits on my compass-clino (it has a light as well!), and the glow stars above my ex's bed...
University, girlfriends... hmmmmmm


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