Any alternate battery replacements for disconitnued 24W AE Powerlights?

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Jun 2, 2009
I have a discontinued 24W AE Powerlight HID that needs the battery replaced.

I can get the battery for about $100 from batteryjunction but I think its a little pricey.

I know there are plenty of similar asian HID lights similar to the Powerlights and I was wondering if they use the same type of batteries.

All I know about the Powerlight battery is that it uses 6 18650 batteries housed in a cylinder shaped battery pack with metal contact rings on the either side.

It's comes in 4400mah and 4800mah.

For more info look here.

Anyway. I really wanna know if there is an alternate and cheaper battery I can use. My battery has been dead for a year now and I just couldn't justify spending 100 for a new battery when I already have another working HID light. If there is a cheaper battery I would be interested.

Ebay has so much HID lights that look very similar. For example, this one here under specifications uses a 4400mah battery.

But even if they appear similar, I wouldn't really know if the batteries are really compatible. There are factors such as will it fit, are metal contacts correct, battery charger, charging volatage etc. If batteries are unlike it could be dangerous.
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Feb 13, 2007
Unfortunately, none are compatible. The AE Powerlight as a unique arrangement of contacts that I've never seen another HID light utilize. The ebay generics like the Oracle style are quite a bit different.