Any companies making a light like this?


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Nov 16, 2001
St. Pete, Fl.
Webley, I love polymer/rubber lights myself. As Kaichu pointed out, they don't scratch anything, and due to their pliability, they don't tend to get scratched. Living in FL, I've never considered the cold aspect, but I can see that as another advantage to a polymer light.

What do you find substantially different between A G2 and a fenix? I'd think only flashaholics would notice the difference in someone else's hand. If you don't mind Incans, (love 'em, myself) the streamlight scorpion is a great light with a rubber body. The head will even serve as a hand warmer! I think your G2 with a low-power (sub 150 lumen) drop-in (or multi-mode) and a 17670 would be the ideal light for almost every task one could ask of a flashlight. Quite discreet, with it's matte finish.

I prefer the single straight tube design of the Fenix.

Also in my work (security)there are times when the turbo mode/output comes in really handy.
If you got 2-3 guys acting suspicious behind a building at 3am its nice to have a really bright light to blast at them before you get close so you can see what they may be up to. most usually you will be alone when you encounter them and it will take at the very least up to a minute before someone shows up as backup. Sometimes there is no one at all to come out to stand by your side.
Is also not uncommon to have to summon Pd or FD and the strobe is excellent for marking your location as they approach.

As with us all, it is my personnal preference of light to use. Has served me well and got no reason to change.;)


Feb 21, 2010
Rochester, NY
I like the above suggested idea of rubber-dipping/coating a metal bodied flashlight. I may have to consider that with one of my older/spares to see how it works. As long as it's done right I could see it working fairly well.

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