Any headlight matching requirements?


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Jul 8, 2020
Hey guys, could you recommend me a headlight matching my requirements? I recently upgraded my power pack and unified the cell type, but I'm missing headlight and I'm searching for tested and convenient product. Was looking especially on Chinese online shops, but from my experience even convenient companies can lie in specifications and many times happened to me to be cheated this way. I like the Nitecore as they have headlights that suits me best but they kind of overpriced and I'm looking for something cheaper.

So my requirements are:
- powered by one 18560 battery cell
- no charging port and convenient IPX (no micro/magnetic input, USB-C is acceptable but I prefer no input at all)
- including very low lumen mode
- red LED that can be used in signal mode

- with magnet to mount on metal surfaces
- mount/clip with adjustable angle like the molle adapter for Petzl Tactikka

Would be grateful if you could recommend me anything meeting the requirements. The biggest problem is with red LED, if I find any single cell 18560 headlight with red LED, its in stroboscope mode and I need to control flashes by hand. Thank you!


Apr 3, 2013
Plugging your requirements into my database finds exactly 1 match: the Nitecore HC50.

Unfortunately nothing has a "signal mode" switch. Not even military headlamps with multiple colors that could be used for signaling. You would need to cover the LED with your hand to do morse code with it.


Aug 12, 2016
I can think of one light matching these requirements, with a couple caveats. Your momentary activation for signaling will be by twisting the tailcap. It does have magnetic charging, but there's no flap and it does not impact waterproofing. The lowest white mode is 2.3 lumens, but the lowest red is 0.5. The battery is a standard 18650, so you don't have to use the magnetic charging if it's not to your liking. The company has a reputation for poor customer service, so I'd recommend buying from a dealer with a good reputation if possible.

The light in question is the Armytek Wizard WR.