Any UI's with Momentary Max from ON?


Dec 4, 2012
Thanks, but an electronic clicky double click (or clicky and hold, etc) won't be fast enough for the signaling I like doing - I can currently fire 3-4 millisecond flashes in a second, and normally use two quick flashes to warn car pedestrians are ahead. Another way to describe it, besides being morse code capable, is to have something at least equivalent to a car's high beam flashers.

If the Armytek has a loose-tight bezel UI, then the work around KeeblerElf and I use may be possible though :).

It may be tricky with the Predator. While you can get to max from any mode with certain programming, I believe there is a delay (similar to the HDS Rotary), as it's not like the Elzetta in that a resistor is either instantaneously making contact or not making contact. If I wanted to signal with it, I would tighten the head and strictly use the tailcap to signal, as pressing the button can't change modes. It's possible that this delay is only in the Pro version, though, and that the non-Pro versions experience instant max when the head is tightened (I have only ever used the Pro version myself).