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Any updates on THIS yet don?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Oct 16, 2004
Ok, in a thread made long ago about materials harder than HA III Don made a reply that went like this

Re: Is there something more durable than HA III?

TiN or TiNC on a stainless steel or Ti substrate would be more durable than HA on Al in terms of abrasion or denting I would think but the thermal considerations are not trivial.

A polyurethane coating on the Al would hold up better to dents and dings than the HA but would not be as good on abraision. Such a coating would be a PITA.

My plater is doing a light for me now where he is sealing the HAIII with some other type of hard oxide but he won't tell me exactly what it is nor have I seen the results yet. It's his idea of the best film "package" for Al with appearance being secondary to function. I like the sound of it and am anxious to see what it looks like!

I think a real good solution is rubber armoring a light in the primary contact areas. I have a design of a new light in the works that is planned with a HA III finish and then augmented with rubber bumpers. After seeing PK throw a beast on the asphalt, I was sold on "bounce bumppers"! Obviously a jagged or rudded terrain can still gauge or dent unprotected areas but the typical fall or header can occur without any damage. I have a prototype that has 1" OD head and tail guard and I stuck a SF filter/ beam shapper boot on each end. It looks goofy to be sure but I can send it bouncing down the driveway without damage.

He said something about a rubber covering around the edge of his flashlight bezel, which I am interested in. I saw it on his Beast before in a pic. It was green. Any updates on this form of flashlight protection? Also, about that machinist that had something put over the HA III?