Anybody else keen on the LumensFactory turbohead in XM-L? :D


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Jun 10, 2004
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Currently owning the LF P7 turbohead for my M3 and it is a NICE piece of hardware with very good build quality. It complements the SF 'feel' of the M3 well. You can't just put any crap turbohead on the M3 and expect it to feel like a real M3, yes? :) so that's quite a credit to LF that theirs turned out so well.

I'm just waiting for the XM-L version.

It would be good if they could tighten up the beam a little bit, use that huge reflector for some serious throw. Not saying the current beam is bad but they could build a serious thrower in that size too. Hmm, LF XM-L narrow and tight beam with two reflector options? :)

I know Mark from LF is listening....... :devil:

Come now, give us an XM-L :D one mode is enough for me, ie. blinding max blast. Well, off mode would be useful too but I think the clicky will take care of it.

Technically it should be an easy swap. Stick an XM-L on the LED post instead of the P7, pot everything up, and good to go. I could probably DIY it but don't want to ruin my existing P7 head.