Anyone else into collecting vintage lights? Cibie, Marchal, etc


Newly Enlightened
Mar 2, 2013
Hey, that's a cool score! The H3 Cibie high beam is a much scarcer bird than the more common H1 units. Where on earth did you find them?

Yes. And Saabs, and Volvos, and the Dodge Monaco/Eagle Premier, and a bunch of other vehicles. But none of those are standard 5 3/4" units.

Bought the H3's from Daniel Stern based of his recommendation based on us wanting a high beam that still had good peripheral vision. Didn't want all out distance vision without being able to see around the sides of the road as good. Lots of critters and wooded areas where we're at so its good to be able to see the sides of the road a little.


Mar 26, 2004
Well, neat. I didn't know he had those -- usually he shoots me a mail when he has something interesting like that. If they're the ones I'm remembering, they have the number 165 molded into the lens.