Anyone modified an Inforce WML (gen 2) to be momentary only?


Newly Enlightened
Sep 25, 2011
I should have a just waited and bought the Haley version, but I found WML gen 2 for a decent price in a local shop and picked it up. Now that I have it, I wish it was momentary only. Has any found away to mod internally or maybe just physically secure the switch that changes it from momentary to constant/multi-mode? I noticed the switch is magnetic, which is part of what give me pause. Any movement of the selector lever, like to the vertical (in-between) position and it "disables" the momentary mode. IMO it should work in the opposite manner. That and I find that the switch is too "light action" to make me confident it's going to stay in the mode I put it. I can easily see a sling or piece of clothing moving the lever.