Anyone read paper anymore?



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Feb 14, 2002
Pretentious much?:crackup:
Good topic for the times, though.

I've moved away from "reading paper". Donated hundreds of my hardback books to libraries, threw out a bunch more, and still have boxes full in my basement, plus a big barrister bookcase in my bedroom with a bunch of first editions and some "collectibles"(mostly worthless, these days) from my two favorite authors. I want almost all of it gone, along with most everything else I own.

The only thing I really want in paper form any more are schematics, diagrams, blueprints, instructional guides, my Bible, and books on military history and battlefield tactics. Those are all things I study, which for me is distinctly different from reading, which I've developed a preference for doing on my phone(not a computer, tablet, or Kindle; I like the smartphone).

I want my books, but also want my life as simple and uncluttered as possible.
I was not quick to embrace it, but technology allowing me to have an entire library in the palm of my hand has been a game-changer.

It's really convenient, too. Earlier this week, I realized that I was about to finish a book, but didn't have the next one in the series loaded on my phone. And I was rolling down a runway in an airliner at the time.
About 4 taps on my phone later, my book is downloading, finishing as the wheels left the ground.
Love it.


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Aug 9, 2015
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I just acquired a two volume how to manual for fixing my car. Both books combined weigh about 10 pounds. Over 5000 pages.

Now I have the pdf version too. So looking at the pdf on a 13" tablet is fine at times but if I need to bounce around and study things like diagnosing then remove/replace specs I'd much rather have the paper copy bookmarked with a pencil, napkin or whatever was handy at the time. It's just faster for me to go back and forth using the hard copy. It seems to be less stain on my eyes too.

Somebody asked me if I "still" have a paper copy Bible recently. My reply "is it even available in digital?"


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Apr 1, 2021
I used to buy a newspaper everyday but have not bought one since it emerged one of our (British) tabloids hacked Millie Dowlers phone messages, which was downright despicable not to mention giving her parents false hope she was alive and using her phone.

I had a loft full paper backs but could not even give them away as the charity shops were inundated with books and didn’t have the room. So they ended up at the tip in the recycling.