Anything sunlight adjusted in LED lights?



poking around at the led emitter specs where spectral analysis is shown, looks like they have a dropout in the middle of the spectrum. Is there any led light out there where they have filtered out the peaks to end up with light that approximates daylight in spectrum (and thus accurate color rendering)? I see cool/neutral/warm classifications, but the few charts I've looked at still show that those have big dropouts in the 475-550nm piece of the spectrum. They were all pretty far from natural daylight.

I'm looking for something small and low power. Basically to be able to check colors for how things will look in natural sunlight. Some thread and powdercoats, for example, are VERY different in appearance under different lighting. I have a few fluorescents that do quite well, but am looking for something I can use when shopping for arts and crafts bits n pieces.