Automotive Are LED high beams possible yet?

Hamilton Felix

Jan 2, 2010
Marblemount, WA, USA
Also, very few shadetree mechanics modify their brakes. Oh, we may choose between OEM pads and upgraded pads, or between replacing or rebuilding a wheel cylinder, but only a few people make changes. And those changes are virtually always upgrades, larger drums, better calipers, ventilated discs, upgraded hoses. I'm sure an automotive forum could debate the details (some very high quality braided steel brake lines, far superior to stock hoses, are used in racing but have never been approved for use on public highways). But in general, hardly anybody is cobbling together "creative" brakes and as AnAppleSnail says nobody is building his own brake components in his shop.

This forum has stricter rules than many, but it also has a heck of a lot of real knowledge on tap, and it really is dedicated to better (as in more effective and thereby safer for all concerned) lighting.

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