Armytek Wizard Pro XHP50 V3 field use review.


Dec 26, 2004
I recently purchased two Wizard Pro V3 XHP50 lights, and one was a gift for my brother. The lights arrived a couple of days ago, and after less than 2 hours of use the on/off switch on his started to become unresponsive, and it became gradually worse and worse. Now it will only turn on or off once every 20-30 clicks. I have now contacted the retailer to see about replacing it under warranty.

I bought the Pro Wizard after reading Woods Walker's review, as well as all the raving reviews by other members in this thread, but after doing some further digging around CPF I'm starting to wonder if buying it was a mistake. I am hoping this is just a one-off, but I would hate to run into more boring issues further down the road.


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Feb 26, 2007
That's the newest of the new V3 USB chargeable wizard I think. It should have the voltage range someplace on the head or body. 2.7 to 9 volts not pro 2.4 to 9 volts pro unless they changed something with the USB charging.

Just received my pair of White and Warm Wizard Pro v3 from the manufacture. There is no indication or working voltage anywhere on the light or in the manual. Email to customer service is sent but I suspect they will take a while to reply.