ATN’s Night Leopard


Newly Enlightened
Apr 11, 2005
I wanted to share my joy of buying ATN's Night Leopard. I am an amateur at optics and photography. As everybody I am fond of traveling, camping, fishing, etc. Where I live, there are bunches of places to go and things to do. Not so long ago I have got a digital camera which allows me to capture things I see as I travel. As my experience with it and interest grew, I bought some accessories for it and thought about finding some equipment to make some shots at night. I was not really optimistic since I heard this stuff costs a lot but a friend of mine recommended me to check out some of ATN's products. I found some gadgets in my price range and after reading some reviews, decided to try Night Leopard. Even though, it is 1st generation it turned out to be great. The quality of the picture is pretty good compared with other products and exceptionally super for the money. It is completely friendly with my camera and I made some great digital images with it. The battery life is great, I never worried about that. Now when I am camping or hiking, when darkness comes, I don't call it day but start exploring the wildlife at night and that is an unforgettable experience.

Just thought of sharing it with somebody. Let me know if you used it and what you think of Night Leopard.


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Jun 22, 2004
Southern California
Funny, I have found this same EXACT post at so many forums. At least six. In fact this is teh only thing that shows up on a google search is your post all over the place. Is this an ad???