Aurora SH-033 light


Honorary Aussie
Feb 3, 2014
Anyone else have or like this inexpensive Chinese LED light? For the price (about $16) it seems a good value, nicely finished stainless steel body, built like a tank, an XPE-WD Q5 emitter, versatile 5 mode UI with low, high, flashing, and SOS mode, and a nice bright high mode with a deep parabolic reflector which makes it more throw than spill. But for a CR2 it's got some decent power.

It can handle regular 3.0V CR2 and RCR2 3.6V batteries. Then there's a lanyard and green glow O rings and switch cap. A few weeks ago I bought two on eBay, one for myself and one for a gift, and just bought two more. I'd be interested in anyone else's impressions. The only downside for me is that it's not especially small or light for a CR2 flashlight and is actually heavier than most of my aluminum CR123A lights with its somewhat bigger battery.
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