Aurora XPE-Q5 CR2 (SH-033, SH-034)

Captain Spaulding

Oct 25, 2009
Sacramento, CA
I tried searching and to my surprise could not find info on this light. I found some of the AAA model but none of the CR2 model.

There is a thread on the market place that has over 100 views but no responses to it and Im wondering why.

I am interested in the light as I think a CR2 sized light with a clicky switch would be cool, and the price is cheap, but im hesitant to buy since it doesnt look like anyone else is showing interest in it.

I did find the thread lego-ing the aurora cr2 clicky with the quark mini cr2.

Can anybody comment on the Aurora CR2 alone? Did I miss a review or comparison thread somewhere?

In short, is this light worth the ~$20 it costs?

Thanks in advanced guys!