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[email protected]'s tritium thread continued

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Jun 17, 2022
Madison, WI
Howdy, I think I know what I want. But sizing seems to elude me.
5 x 1.55x5 in green if you still have them.
Because I'm forum illiterate, PayPal is pixpimp(at)gmail.com? F&F no note? Then just email you my address at the PayPal address?

To make this smaller as I really over elaborates. Gutting the long descriptions.
For a M70AB2 or other yugo AKMs with tritium night sights. 1.55x5 will work. If a bit short.
Diameter is good. The front sight post could do with being ~3 millimeters longer though. It will work.
Wolf/t91 front sight post with hole for tritium. This also works but it's absolutely tiny in length. I just crammed a bunch of RTV silicone in on either side.

I'll take the 5. But any info or guidance would be much appreciated for myself and whoever googles this. Sorry for the long descriptions, hoping google will point to this for others.
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