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Jan 20, 2021
Do you still carry those?

The title says it all: Tritium!


Relative brightness chart:

Tritium content in Ci:
1.55x5mm vial: 21 mCi
2x8mm vial: 40 mCi
4x20mm vial: 629 mCi
11mm sphere: 2.497 Ci
15mm sphere: 7.56 Ci
18mm sphere: 9.99 Ci

The goods:
1.55x5mm vials in green, iceblue, blue, white, yellow, orange and red: $7.50.- each.2x8mm vials i at the moment in green, iceblue and red: $11.- each. 4x20mm high pressure vials in iceblue: ($45.- each) Now $35.-. :cool:


ALL GONE... :mecry:

The factory stopped making spheres, once they are gone, they are gone. :(

Shipping has changed, Since Jan 1 2020 I can not send any goods by lettermail and have to send it as a parcel. I thought I could ship it without tracking but unfortunately Paypal protection demands it so I have to use that extra costly option as well. This means that EU shipments will cost $15.-, all other shipments will cost $29.- :eek::shakehead

It turns out there still is a way to ship cheaper ($4.-) as lettermail, but because there is no proof of shipping I will need payment sent as F&F if you want to use this option.
Please keep in mind there is no insurance with this option.

:caution:Corona virus shipping update.
Since my wife has had a lung transplant I have to be extra careful about the COVID 19 virus and as such I can only drop lettermail off in a mail box outside the PO. Since there is no proof of shipping that way there is no insurance available from PayPal and I can only accept PayPal sent with the F&F option.

Thanks. :)
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