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Jun 22, 2001
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I am going to post this in a couple of places since it covers a couple of topics.

I was once told that it was a very bad idea to mix batteries of differnt strength or brand. What me for example is, I should not get two batteries out of a recorder that have partially drained and one new out of the package to power something else. I was told that this could damage the item, could damage the batteries, and be a small hazard. Is this true? I have been living my life faithfully as if it is. This leaves me with a bit of a problem: Often when opening a package of batteries, there may be four batteries and the item uses three leaving a loose battery. Also, I have found that some items will no longer work with after the batteries have been drained to a certain level but they are fine for something else, doing this practice has also caused me to accumulate loose batteries.
I have loose batteries of almost all of the common sizes but feel funny about throwing them away.

What I want is a variety of products(that I can actually find a real use for) that use single batteries. I did find an electric toothbrush that uses a single AA so that helps with the consuming loose AA's. My Arc-AAA's are helping me use up single AAA's. When I get the Arc-LS, I will have something else help consume loose AA's and single 123's. The E1 also helps consume loose 123's.
What I really want now are some lights and maybe other usefull objects that consume single D and C cells. Are there any lights incandecent or LED that consume Single D and C cells, also are there any items that consume these one at a time that are useable.
Hope someone can give me helpful information.


Feb 25, 2001
The Netherlands (NL)
Sorry I don't have any ideas for you at the moment Jon, just wanted to say that this is a very interesting idea! I too look forward to the replies.



Aug 29, 2000
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My limited understanding of mixing batteries is that;

1)mixing different brands or chemistries of battery or batteries in different states of drain causes the weaker battery to be "reverse charged" and this can cause problems.

I suppose there is a risk of batteries leaking or maybe even exploding.

I often have AA batteries kicking about, but we have a number of single AA clocks etc.
I only ever install fresh batteries and swap out whole groups rather then mixing.

I don't have a lot of experience dealing with used batteries. I'm sure others can help though!



I use AA batteries that don't have enough energy left to power my 2 AA Mini Mag and use them in my TV and DVD remote controls, and the AAA batteries from my 2 AAA Mini Mag get handed down to my VCR remote. I have also passed AAs on to my wall clock, which only requires one at a time. The batteries are always used as a set in the remote controls to avoid any problems that might arise from mixing them. I set any extra AA's aside in one place so I use them when the clock needs another battery.