Battery drain?


Newly Enlightened
Oct 9, 2005
I'm a fledgling flashaholic; I've got a few lights but don't do alot with them. Most of the time they sit in a plastic tub waiting to get used for something.

Tonight I went to check on all my lights and look for any signs of leaks, this was the first time this has been done in a long while.

I had three lights that were dead: a SF G2, SL TL-2, and a SL Twin-Task 2 CR123. The Twin Task could light the LEDs but not the incandescant. The G2 and TL-2 were completely dead. All of the battery sets could run an X5. The batteries all had 4-6 years left on their shelf life and none had been used much.

What could have caused this; inactivity none of these lights were used often? They all have different types of activtion switches so I don't think that's the culprit.


Jun 19, 2007
Huntsville, AL
Flashlight Rule #8

NEVER leave a flashlight in long term storage with the cells installed. Store the cells and light separately, and install for use.

Turbo Guy

Feb 28, 2009
Haralson County GA USA
See this thread

also thread linked to in post #5 of that thread and perhaps do a search on parasitic drain.

As mentioned above,remove cells from flshlights and other devices not in regulare use. Most all batteries have had such a warning on them for as long as I can remember. It is also much simplier to check and recycle cells on a routine bases if they are all in one location.

I ralize that some primary cells are suppose to last 5 to 10 years but I would not bet an expensive device on it and battery life if most often directly related to storage conditions. The hotter the storage location the shorter the shelf life.