battery/emitter voltage


Newly Enlightened
Aug 7, 2010
hi everyone i have a question about the battery voltage and the led input voltage. so it seems as though rechargable batteries even on dependable chargers such as the pila ibc charger batteries can come out fully charged with a rated voltage of 4.2+ and i was wondering if i got a an led drop-in that was rated at an regulated .8-4.2v would the added .0# affect the drop-in if its not exactly 4.2 volts.

also i was wondering if i used a single 18650 in an led of a regulated 3.8(or 4)-8v without it stating that it goes out of regulation into direct drive. does it still go into direct drive? or does it just not produce any light when the battery is below 3.8 or 4 volts? thanks! just need some clarification to start legoing.