Battery question


Jan 26, 2005
What is the best battery for powering handheld lasers like the leadlight and PGL-III? Is it an alkaline like an everready energizer, a rechargeable like NiMH or something else. I think the NiMH batteries are only 1.2V per cell, so that would only give 2.4v instead of 3.0v of an alkaline. Are lasers more dependent on the voltage or the current capacity for high output? If they are dependent on having the voltage, then the output power level will drop off very fast in most cases. I was just looking over some alkaline battery specs and if you consider the case of say a PGL-III that is drawing close to 1 Amp (1000ma) at that current draw the battery will only last an hour or so, but worse is that after about 15 minutes of use the output voltage of a C cell battery will only be 1.3v/cell or 2.6 for the device. Does anyone also know if these lasers actually use something less than 3V and the 3V is regulated down to a lower level? If not, the output power of these lasers will be dropping very quickly and probably be near the 50% after just 30 minutes.
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Dec 17, 2004
Hi Jack,
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Well..I have found it depends on the particular laser (speaking Leadlight here)..I always try my dura alkalines and NiMh in a laser to see which work best..I have found that some lasers actually like at least 2.2 to 2.7 volts just to work and in a few cases even worked better at the lower voltage than say at 3 or 3.2 volts.meaning putting out more mW It seems the current pass transistor is more efficient at the lower voltage not having to dissapate any heat than nessesary (runs cooler so less losses)..the transistor is very small...(the more voltage the more heat the tiny transistor has to deal with), however the higher voltage battery will last longer, and in lasers that like the lower voltage when higher voltage batteries deplete to the knee area (say 2.7volts) it will be yes, they will work with either type batteries. Hope all that made any sense.