Battery Shelf Life for 18650?


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Oct 11, 2016
As far as I know, every single lithium ion battery exposed to the Carrington Event was destroyed. :D

As HKJ said, solar EMP's are low frequency events that affect long conductors. Your batteries will be fine if such an event happens.

Nuclear EMP's have a couple components, and an initial high frequency component can potentially damage small electronics like a protected battery PCB. There's not much good information available on this, because not much research has been done on it outside of military applications.

Of the few details I can find about publicly available testing, it sounds like some automobiles experienced minor issues with their electronics at high frequency EMP exposures similar in magnitude to what a high altitude nuclear EMP is capable of generating at ground level. That leads me to not be very concerned about the relatively high power rating components in a battery protection circuit.

As for general battery storage, there's a lot of discussion scattered around the site. I think some users have lithium ion batteries over a decade old that are still functioning. They normally experience gradual capacity loss and gradual increase in internal resistance that limits their peak current output. This "aging" as it is called is reduced by storing them a lower states of charge and lower temperatures. As a balance of factors, storage at room temperature and around 40% state of charge is commonly recommended.